Adult Vaccinations

As it may seem that Vaccination is Only for Children, a common perception among mature adults in Uganda and East Africa, Vaccines are available for Adults at different age category.

This is to protect the aging Adult from illnesses that occur commonly during Aging and senility while some vaccines protect young adults from Potential occupational infections. Pneumonia and Hepatitis B are a common Killer disease affecting men and women at different age categories just as it is a major cause of Morbidity among the infants.

Not Only is Adult Vaccine highly recommended it is also a requirement by many Countries whose public health policies are strict and thus mandatory for all persons wishing to travel to such countries for Medium, Long or Permanent stays.

If you an employee and your organization or company requests you to receive some vaccines due to the nature of your employment or you are traveler or you find it important to be vaccinated , below are some common vaccines available at Kalson Medical Group that you can learn about. Our Medical Personnel are well acquainted with Vaccines and they will readily answer your questions and concerns at the same time they will avail you with as much updated information available for the vaccine.


Measels, Mumps and Rubella

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis A

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

Precaution Notice:

All adults seeking Vaccinations for the second time must avail vaccination Records in order to ascertain the date month of previous vaccine and if current vaccination is within the correct timing or delayed enormously that it nullifies previous vaccination hence warranting re-vaccination.

Vaccines are contra-indicated to Women who are pregnant. If you are not sure of your pregnancy status inform our Medical Person during your appointment and a Pregnancy test will be requested at No cost.

All adults with Known Hepatitis B status Positive are not eligible for Hepatitis B Vaccine. Its therefore important that you take a Hepatitis B test to ascertain your status.

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