Medical Fees for GCC

GAMCA Medical Fees

Complete Visa Medical Examination Fees $60

This is a standard Visa Medical Examination fees for all GCC states that includes all the below Examinations. 

GAMCA Operational fees $10. 

This fee is paid by you through an electronic system. Once you make payment of $10 you will receive a GAMCA Slip Number that is auto generated and you can print it out.

Physical Examination

  • Medical and Surgical History
  • Pre-Exam Counseling
  • Informed Consent
  • General Examination
  • Biometrics and Vitals
  • Systemic Examination
  • Visual Examination 

Serological Examination( Elisa Based)

  • HIV Ab-Ag Screen
  • HBsAg
  • Anti-HCV
  • TPHA
  • Salmonella IgM/IgG


  • Serum HCG


  • Complete Blood Count 

TB Chest X Ray 

PPD TB Skin Test (if Chest X Ray is Abnormal)

Kalson Medical Group