Back pain and Occupation

Back pain and Occupation 

We all experience back pain at one time or the other. If you experience frequent back pains that prevents you from any activities, you should mention it to the Medical Doctor during your Medical Examination. 

Don’t take your back pain lightly. It could be a more serious problem that requires medical attention and treatment before it goes out of hand. 

If you did not report your back pain to the Medical Doctor during your medical examinations for fear that you will be declared UNFIT, you may face more challenges at your work place. 

You may experience increases back pains based on the nature of your work. 

Frequent back pains may lead you to less performance at your work place 

You may experience worse and terrible back pains that require hospitalization 

Your employer may decide to relieve you from futhure responsibilities. 

Your employer may request the Ministry of Labor/health to repatriate you to your home country. 

Your health is more important. Take the right decisions and seek Medical Doctors advice if you have a back pain.

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