Pre-test Counselling

Pre-Test Counseling:

Once you have completed your registration at our health Facility and presented the required documents, our receptionist shall instruct you to proceed to the Clinical Nurse station.

You will undergo Pre-test Counseling. This takes an estimated ten Minutes depending on Questions and Answers that may arise during the counseling session.

If you are in a group, a group pre-test counseling shall be provided according to Gender.

Benefits of Pre-test Counseling

You will be informed appropriately about what you will go through during medical examinations. If you have concerns, it will be the right time to say your concerns.

Expectations, worries, concerns and anxieties if any, shall be addressed during pre-test counseling. It is worth noting that there shall be limited time depending on the number of clients waiting in the queue.

You shall be given written consent forms that you shall read and acknowledge by filling in the details. To avoid time wastage, you may download the pre-test Consent form, read it at your own time and present it at our health facility, Clinical Nurse Station after your Registration.

After Pre-Test Counseling, you shall provide Medical and Surgical History.

You are requested to be honest and truthful about your past Medical and Surgical Histories that includes past, recent or present:

  • Past Hospitalizations- Medical or Surgical
  • Chronic illness including Asthma, Frequent dizziness, fainting
  • Ears, Eyes and Throat Problems
  • Skin Problems and Allergies
  • Gynecological( Female) Problems including frequent Lower Abdominal Pain
  • Chronic Medications including Contraceptive use,
  • Past TB treatment,
  • Past STI/D treatments and
  • Past Mental Disorders
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